Sunday, May 22, 2011

An ounce of prevention....

Actors -I have been avoiding chiming in about this but must finally speak. There is a lot of manipulation and abuse out there.  I  strongly encourage you to talk with new and professional actors for referrals about their coach / teacher. Additionally, I publish video testimonials from many of my actors so that folks hear from my students first hand. I would also tell new actors to check out exactly where teachers got their training. I worked hard for the privilege of calling myself a coach and teacher.  While I have been an actress since my childhood, and have credits in theater, film, radio and television, I have also trained to teach acting. I teach because it is my PASSION and I CAN versus many who "teach " as a fallback because they aren't working as an actor.  This, I believe, is where so much damage is done to aspiring actors. Then toss in a few  agents who think they know what acting is and you add another level of confusion and misinformation. We have a handful of good teachers and some wonderful agents and CD's in the state. Do your research.   - TASA Studio, Mary Thoma

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